Feasible diet plan with steps and tips to shed extra belly fat

Fat deposition in different areas of your body may not create big problems for you. You may not also look obese. But when it comes to belly fat, you should be very much careful. These not only create health problems but change the way you look.

Standard waistline values beyond which you need to put efforts to lose belly fat

With the help of a simple measuring tape you can measure your waistline. Men should never have waistlines above 40 inches and women should never have waistlines above 35 inches.

Must-do guides on how to lose belly fat with the best diet plan (from morning snacks to supper in the night)

Step#1: Morning snacks

From the morning your food should be such as to keep your stomach in a good condition. Your goal should be to keep evil bacteria at bay. The only way to keep aside these inimical bacteria and stomach inflammation is by starting your day with magnesium.

Pumpkin seeds are the best resources of magnesium. You can also try flax as morning snacks.

Step#2: In your lunch and supper you should try to avoid troubles related to digestion and gas

You should never take carbohydrates in your lunch as these are going to create digestive issues for you. The sole purpose of morning snacks will be defeated. You would never want to fill your stomach with gas by eating carbs.

The best options are brown rice, oat and polenta.

Step#3: Take snacks that help you feel full even you haven’t eaten that much

You should take foods containing fatty acids (especially mono-saturated) during snacks. These fatty acids make your stomach fuller. They keep away all ill-effects that your stomach is prone to get. At the same time these fatty acids combat the weight in your belly.

Step#4: At other times when you are hungry

Ginger juice is the perfect drink that not only satiates your hunger but also helps in burning your belly fat. If you are tired of all these diets, you can try maple juice as compensatory drink. This is not that detrimental you are trying to lose your belly fat.

Tips on what to take and what not to

TIP#1: Consider sugar as your enemy

Generally sweeteners and carbonated drinks contain sugar. The fructose content in sugar leads to deposition of belly fat. In comparison to solid foods containing sugar, drinks are considered more harmful.

You should even avoid the so called sports drinks along with all types of sweeteners.

TIP#2: Take protein if you are in no hurry to lose belly fat

The best thing about protein is that, this reduces your hunger by huge amount. Apart from that it also facilitates burning of excess fat deposited in your belly. This puts a halt on further deposition of fats on your belly.

TIP#3: Take viscous fiber to keep your stomach full

You have to be very selective about choosing fiber because all fibers don’t act in the same way. You can take 10 grams of viscous fiber on a daily basis.

Final points

You need to follow the standards carefully by tracking the amount of food you are consuming on daily basis. Apart from that you should perform aerobic exercises with your diet plan to get the best results.

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